Art and Art History

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    Zhehui (Lilith) Zhu, class of 2016

Zhehui (Lilith) Zhu

Where are you now and what are you doing?

I am working at my husband’s newly founded science and technology company in Beijing China as the general manager assistant.

How did your study of Art and Art History at Ursinus inform your post-graduation perspective?

My experience with the art department at Ursinus was definitely priceless. It made me confirm that art is what I want to do for my whole life. 

It is hard to say that my experience with the Art department of Ursinus informs my current job; on the contrary, my job is part of my grand post-graduation plan. I used to believe that if I want to be an artist, I must apply for an MFA program soon after graduating. But after speaking with my art professors, I changed my mind. I do not have the sense of urgency for the MFA program now, because I believe that artists need non-art knowledge and down-to-earth experiences as the soil for their creation.

Although what am I doing now seems irrelevant with art, it will enrich my life experiences and inform my future art creation. My study of Art at Ursinus was a firm start of my art life.

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