Student Organizations

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Lauren Turet




Computer Science, Chinese, and Education


Music Director


Lauren enjoys a wide range of activities, but she is most passionate about performing and composing music, working with people, and striving to make a difference in as many ways as possible in the school, community and beyond.  In addition to performing with the Rhapsody Show Choir, she is also a member of B’Naturals, which is the all-girls a cappella group on campus.  She is also an Ambassador, a tour guide, and a tutor in physics and mathematics.  Finally, she is a member of the Society of Physics Students Executive Board, as well as a member of the Women in Technology & Science Executive Board, which coordinates and runs various school and community-wide events aimed to inspire young girls to pursue their passions in the STEM field.

Why did you Join

Music is more than just a hobby for me – it’s a passion.  I performed in the musicals throughout high school and loved every minute of it!  I also composed and taught original songs to my high school choir which were performed at our concerts, and I have missed this so much.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of such an amazing and talented group of people who all have a similar passion for making music!  When we all come together and strive for common goals, whether that is making music or spreading smiles to those who are less fortunate, it brings a whole new meaning to the experience, and I am so excited to see what the future brings!