Student Organizations

  • Photo of Amanda Otto with friend

Amanda Otto




Dance and German


Assistant Director


On campus, Amanda is an avid member of the dance community. She enjoys choreographing dance pieces and being on the board of the on-campus student run dance organization, Escape Velocity. You can also find her frolicking around the biology department as she is an avid member of the the Brownback-Anders Pre-Health Society (BAPS), which brings healthcare professionals to campus to share their experiences, as well as Dr. Lyczak’s research lab, where she is trying to create a new strain of C. elegans, a nematode-like worm, with her fingers crossed that it works. She is also a member of the Greek community on campus and is a member of the Inter-Greek Council Executive board, encouraging harmony and cooperation throughout the entire campus.

Why did you Join

 I decided to help found this organization because I love singing and dancing, especially when done together, and I love bringing back oldie-but-goodie songs to audiences. The music that this group is looking to perform is right up my alley, and it will provide a great connection between the members and the audience, as we hope to take this group to perform for people in geriatric centers that might not be able to experience live music otherwise. It really brings a smile to my face when an audience recognizes and sings along to our performance, and especially when they tell us we really lifted their spirits.