Career and Professional Development

Alex Campbell

Class Year



Applied Economics (Finance Concentration)



Internship Location

UBS Wealth Management America, Mount Laurel, NJ


Over winter break, Alex Campbell completed an internship at UBS Wealth Management America. Before he could jump right in, he had to interview via phone with the branch manager. He found this opportunity through a family friend. Alex’s typical day consisted of working with a variety of departments in their day-to-day operations. He was also involved in supporting several financial advisors. “The financial advisors needed help calling prospective clients, gathering information on prospective clients, and even managing information on existing clients,” explains Alex.

Skills Utilized

Alex utilized critical thinking and communication skills the most during his time at UBS. According to Alex, one of the biggest skills you can learn when entering the “real world” is finding out for yourself how to accomplish a task.  “Most of the time superiors deliver tasks, but they rarely outline how to get them done. In order to accomplish those tasks, you often have to find answers by yourself or be able to ask direct questions,” adds the senior. 

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Although there were plenty of people that helped the senior make his internship experience worthwhile, there were two who stood out: an entry level financial advisor and his supervisor. “Their genuine consideration for my situation helped immensely and I cannot begin to thank them enough,” says Alex. He would not hesitate to ask the people of UBS Wealth Management America for recommendations and use them as references.

Future Implications

From this internship, Alex realized that mistakes are not the end of the world and to never be embarrassed to ask a question. In general, the senior learned most about regulations in the finance industry. “I knew the financial industry was super regulated but I didn’t realize how comprehensive the regulations were,” adds Alex.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

For Alex, the coolest part of the experience was the amount of freedom that he was given. His favorite aspect of the internship was working directly under management which allowed him to learn more about leadership and how to be a good employee.


Alex advises other students to absorb everything when doing an internship. “Throughout the process, you will be told a lot of things. Some of it is valuable and some of it isn’t, but listen to everything and be willing to give all of the advice a chance,” explains the senior. He would recommend this internship experience to anyone with an interest in finance.