• Portrait of Jamie Faselt

Jamie Faselt




Environmental Studies & Applied Ethics

Current Position

AmeriCorps Professional Development Member


Could you describe your experience with service at Ursinus and how it impacted you?

My experience with service at Ursinus was as a Bonner Leader. I was the volunteer coordinator for Urban Tree Connection and regularly served with Camphill Village Kimberton Hills and Creative after School Alternatives in Norristown. All of this service was done in conjunction with academic courses (the one credit Bonner class, for example) which really made service and my studies more enriching and meaningful. I am very grateful for these experiences and believe that they have made me a more engaged and thoughtful citizen.


What have you been up to since graduation and how is service a part of it?

Post-graduation, I was awarded a Watson Fellowship and embarked on a one-year journey around the world to independently pursue a project of my own design. I explored how different communities think about and interact with nature/the environment in South Africa, India, Malaysian Borneo, Nepal and Greenland. I connected with an organization in each country and utilized service as a way to engage with the community.

I am currently serving as an AmeriCorps Professional Development Member with American Conservation Experience, a conservation corps based in Arizona. I am serving for six months and am in the process of applying for VISTA positions and legal internships. Overall, service was an integral part of my time at Ursinus and is just as important to my life post-graduation.