Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Photo of Rachel Esposito

Rachel Esposito

Class Year



Media & Communication Studies


Studio Art

Internship Location

Independence LED Lighting Co., Swedesford, PA


This past winter, Rachel Esposito completed an internship at Independence LED Lighting Co. Before she began her experience, Rachel had a brief interview with her supervisor and the CEO to discuss her qualifications, learn more about the company, and understand what she would be doing. She found this internship through Handshake. At the company, Rachel’s typical day consisted of researching contacts and seminars to advertise the company. She then updated the website with new jobs. The most challenging part of the internship was when she was given a task and had to figure out a lot of the sites on her own.

Skills Utilized

Communication and research were the skills that Rachel utilized the most during her time at Independence LED Lighting Co. She had to use good communication skills with her supervisor and guidance counselor. She also had to use research skills for finding specific types of contacts for whom the company wanted to sell. Some contacts included military/veteran-owned companies, real estate developers/owners, and charter schools. “These skills have helped me in the classroom so far and will be a guide for my future career,” adds Rachel.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

The CEO of the company had the most impact on Rachel because of how driven and company/quality oriented he was. “His house was one of the most environmentally sustainable houses, which showed how much he wanted to make a difference,” explains the senior.

Future Implications

Rachel feels more prepared to work with others and learn from others in the workplace, including other marketing companies. This experience has also made her more organized. She learned a lot about the company’s main goal, job sites that they had worked on, and where they want to go in the future.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

Rachel’s favorite part of the experience was being able to go more in-depth in the field and having the opportunity to do what she wanted. She was also impressed by many of the company’s products.  “They created Grow lights, which grow food in between walls to have for when you needed it versus schools getting ‘fresh’ fruits and vegetables shipped in.


Rachel advises other students to use Handshake when applying for an internship and to research a company that you only know a little about. Also, she would recommend this internship experience to anyone with an interest in sustainability.