• Photo of Jillian Casarella

Jillian Casarella


Our research looked at the effects of concussions through comparing the results of concussed vs. non-concussed participants on a variety of neuropsychological batteries and EEG tests. The results of our research demonstrated that there are significant differences in executive functioning between concussed vs. non-concussed participants, with concussed participants performing significantly worse than their non-concussed counterparts on a variety of executive functioning tests. Using the results we obtained through our research, we hope to enlighten people on the negative effects of concussion that last far beyond the point at which an individual may be “cleared” by a medical professional or athletic trainer, in hopes that people will treat these concussions with the utmost care and caution that they need and deserve.

What was valuable about the experience 

Our experience at APS Boston was so enlightening. Not only did we get to practice our public speaking and presentation skills that we have learned throughout our time at Ursinus, we also were able to walk around and see and listen to other researchers present their own research. It was really cool to see presentations on concepts that we had learned in class, and we even saw some students presenting research similar to our own which sparked up some great conversations!

The coolest part of the experience 

I think the coolest part of the conference was the fact that we were there in general. You get the greatest feeling of accomplishment being placed among grad students, professional researchers, professors, etc. and getting to present side-to-side with them. It’s kind of the ultimate “hard work pays off” feeling knowing that your years of research is recognized and appreciated. Just really, really cool.

Who I met that made a difference 

I have met so many people that have made a difference throughout my time at Ursinus, but without my research partners, Rachel Raucci and Lisa Grous and mentor, Dr. Joel Bish, this whole experience wouldn’t be possible. I am so thankful to them for all they have helped me to accomplish, and to Dr. Bish for always being so supportive, for the endless knowledge he provided me with, and for never letting me leave class or research without a good laugh.






Gymnastics, Pre-Law, Dance/Tumbling Instructor, Psychology Teaching Assistant, Honors Research, Wismer on Wheels