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Karla Pisarcik

What law school will you be attending in the fall? 


Why did you choose this law school?

Best scholarship, large and involved alumni base, in the Philadelphia area

To what other law schools were you accepted?

Drexel, Temple, George Washington

What are your future plans (during law school and or beyond)?

Not sure—excited to explore different areas of law in law school through internships and clinical experience. Definitely interested in taking trial advocacy courses and being a part of the Mock Trial team and Moot Court.

How has Ursinus prepared you for law school?

Ursinus is an intense undergraduate institution with rigorous academics. Through all of my courses taken over my four years, I have learned how to manage my time and the importance of a strong work ethic. The classes here make you think critically and each course (particularly in the politics department) is very writing intensive. The LSAT course that Ursinus offers through the pre-law department helped prepare me to take the LSAT. Students here have the opportunity to have several mentors on campus from all different disciplines that also helped me make my decision to attend Villanova Law School.

What is your most memorable moment in class (or otherwise)?

Winning best brief in Legal Writing and Argument (Moot Court)

How do you stay involved on campus?

Over my four years, I was involved with Student Government, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Haines-Barnard Pre-Law Society, Peer Advocates, worked in the Ursinus Institute for Academic Success and  Admission Office, and played intramural sports.

What other interesting thing can you tell us about you?

First-generation college student and first of my family of 5 children (I’m the youngest) to attend college.

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Telford, PA


Psychology and Politics