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Kaitlyn Lawrence

Class Year



Frazer, PA


Environmental Studies and ANSO Double Major


Sustainable Foods Fellow


Being a Sustainability Fellow to me means meeting people in the middle and making learning more fun and easier for those who want to but may be too scared to ask. Coming from a small town where people are scared to ask questions, I grew up wanting to change that and to make learning and asking easier. Combine that with my passion for sustainability and eco-friendly ways of life, and you have the Sustainability Fellows!

Most Memorable Moment in Class

My favorite moment in the classroom is one that occurs not only once. Sparking conversation and opening educated and serious debates is one of my favorite parts of class. Finding different perspectives as well as common ground while we all learn together is one thing I look forward to every class. That is what being a fellow as well as an Ursinus student is really about to me. That will always be something I look forward to and value at Ursinus.