6. Victor Fajnzylberg

Victor (Wigdor) Fajnzylberg was born on Oct. 22 1908. He lived in the Parisian region of Occupied France. He was a war veteran who fought for France against the Germans in 1940. Victor was employed in 1942 as a hairdresser. His daughter wears the yellow star and he wears his military medals, one of which is a Croix de Guerre or “Gold Cross”. He had this portrait taken and enclosed it in a letter to the government of Maréchal Pétain after his wife was arrested by French authorities in a round-up on July 16, 1942. 

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For more on Victor and his family, visit: http://bdi.memorialdelashoah.org/internet/jsp/victim/MmsVictimDetail.jsp?PEGA_HRFL_1490308964_0_0_selectElement=selectElement&PEGA_TXFD_1490308964_0_selectedIndex=3