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Garrison McCammon


I have always had a passion for astronomy since my Kindergarten teacher read my class a book about the solar system and showed a picture of the sun with all of its orbiting planets. In my final year of junior high my science teacher told me about a field called astrophysics, and ever since I’ve been passionate about the study of space and the workings of the universe with goal of becoming an astrophysicist. Yet, at the same time, I’ve been an avid reader of everything from the Iliad to the ghost stories of M. R. James and am seldom seen without a book in reach. At Ursinus I have been able to purse both of my major interests and even on some unique occasions, combine the two.

Class Year



Acton, MA


English, Physics




Lab Teaching Assistant, Physics Help Room, peer tutor in physics and mathematics, and loudly playing guitar for the benefit of my neighbors and roommate.


I have done literary research on H. P. Lovecraft’s fiction and the importance and necessity of his scientific literacy on his philosophy and literature as a summer fellows project. As a physicist I have done research with Tom Carroll on quantum mechanical modeling of Rydberg atoms during the school semesters.

How I Stay Involved

SPS (Society of Physics Students), ASA (American Statistical Association), MAA (Mathematical Association of America) attendance and participation in events organized by these three clubs include travelling to the National Air and Space Museum in DC, a talk mathematically demonstrating that Hercules could kill the Hydra by repeatedly cutting off heads, and the use of a 3-D printer.

My Experience

My experience at Ursinus has granted me the rather unique opportunity to double major in English and Physics and have the opportunity to engage in research for both pursuits. When I first began searching for a college to attend I knew I wanted a small campus but with programs which would support my unusual choices of study, and Ursinus quickly became a top choice. As a student I’ve developed an unexpected love of mathematics alongside a strong admiration and enjoyment of 19th Century Russian literature without straying from my chosen fields of study, a feat uncommon in most other schools.

Life After Ursinus

After finishing Ursinus I plan to enroll in a physics graduate program and pursue Astrophysics as a discipline while continuing to indulge in my literary passions.