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Morgan Cousins

Dr. Morgan Cousins grew up on the coast of Massachusetts and moved to Maine to complete her undergraduate degree of applied mathematics & chemistry at the University of Maine at Farmington. She then moved to Vermont to work with Prof. Matthew Liptak at the University of Vermont and earn her Ph.D. in chemistry. Dr. Cousins’ Ph.D. work encompassed spectroscopically characterizing the active sites of metalloproteins and predicting the photophysical properties of hydrazone-based dyes. Dr. Cousins also participated in several outreach programs including organizing a K-5 chemistry camp as well as visiting several local classrooms to design chemistry experiments for elementary school students.
Dr. Cousins joined Ursinus College as a post-doctoral teaching fellow. Her research interests include bioinorganic and computational chemistry. Dr. Cousins will use spectroscopic techniques and computational modeling to better understand the diverse functionality of enzymes sharing a coupled binuclear copper core using small model proteins. In her free time, Dr. Cousins enjoys painting, hiking, and cooking.


Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow




B.A., University of Maine at Farmington
Ph.D., University of Vermont


CHEM105- General Chemistry I
CHEM205L- Organic Chemistry II Lab

Research Interests

Bioinorganic chemistry
Computational chemistry
Early outreach for chemistry

Recent Work

Hai Qian, Morgan E. Cousins, Erik H. Horak, Aubrey Wakefield, Matthew D. Liptak, Ivan Aprahamian, “Suppression of Kasha’s rule as a mechanism for fluorescent molecular rotors and aggregation-induced emission”, Nature. Chem. 2017, 9, 83-87.