Human Resources

Student Events Assistant

Department: Conferences and Special Events

  • Total number of positions: 1
  • Positions currently available: 1
  • Accepting applications: Fall 2018
  • Pay grade: Upon completion of each event and online assessment, SEAs will be paid $40. There is a mandatory 2.5 hour training; payment is $20 for this session.


part of a dynamic team, who are charged with bringing professionalism and energy to Ursinus College events. This is a rewarding position where students work closely with faculty, professional staff and guests of the College to plan and support events, creating a welcoming experience for audiences and helping event planners meet their goals to educate, entertain and inspire.

Ursinus hosts hundreds of events every year: lectures, concerts, workshops, performances, sporting events, performing arts events and more. SEAs provide critical planning support to all aspects of college events, from ensuring that logistical support for events is effectively planned and scheduled, to building audiences for events through social media and promotion, to being the onsite host and troubleshooter for events as they happen.

The SEA position is designed to fit easily into a student’s busy schedule. Scheduled events will be released every week, and SEAs can sign up to lead on events that interest them and fit into their schedules.

Each event requires approximately 3-5 hours of work: 1-2 hours of planning and coordination before the event and 1-3 hours of hosting and troubleshooting at the event.

  • Pre-planning and coordination tasks include: checking in with faculty and staff event planners to make sure all details are arranged and that a promotional plan is being executed.

Event hosting tasks include: arriving 30 minutes before event start time to make sure preparations are made, greeting and directing special guests, ushering, taking and sharing cell phone images of the event, filling out a brief online event assessment at the end of the event.

Requirements and Qualifications

Must be willing to commit to see individual events through from start to finish.

Must be willing and able to learn all of the moving parts associated with hosting events.

Must be energetic, gracious and thoughtful of other’s needs.

Must maintain a neat and well thought out appearance.

Experience in retail, restaurant, or other similar customer or client service industries is very helpful.