• David Walters Class of 2018

David Walters

Class Year



English and Theater



Internship Location

Brainy Camps in High View, West Virginia


During the summer of 2017 I worked as a counselor for Brainy Camps in High View, West Virginia. I completed an internship at Brainy Camps, a series of week-long summer camps for kids with chronic health conditions ranging from autism to epilepsy.  Before I began my experience, I had to complete a video interview with the assistant director of the camp.   During my time there, I looked after the kids, making sure they had a fun camp experience, participating in activities ranging from soccer to horseback riding.  I am grateful for this internship opportunity.

Skills Utilized

I utilized my problem solving skills a lot, as problems frequently came up at camp. I also used my people skills in developing a rapport with both the kids and his fellow counselors.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

A few of my co-counselors made it easier for me to “run” my cabin. I really gelled with most of the counselors this summer, and that helped a lot. Everyone at the camp was great!

Future Implications

This internship made me realize that I was definitely born to work with kids who are “different”.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

For me, the coolest part of the experience was meeting all of these kids who are overcoming obstacles each day. There is no stopping them, and that is the most inspiring thing.


If you like working with kids, you have to work for a summer at Brainy Camps. It shows you a different side of things–it is not like your everyday classroom. At Brainy Camps, their motto is “Have Fun, Be Wise, Live Well”. You can do that for a summer, and then apply that advice to your personal life every day.