• Photo of Tatyanna Neumann at her Melbourne Australia Internship

Tatyanna Neumann

Class Year






Internship Location

WeTeachMe, Melbourne, Australia


This summer I travelled to Melbourne Australia and interned for a non-profit called WeTeachMe. WeTeachMe is the top free-education provider in Australia, which offers free panels on a variety of subjects from mental health to artificial intelligence. I helped to schedule, organize and facilitate these panels as well as assisted in community outreach techniques.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Everyone I met during this experience truly made a difference, but some of the most notable would be the panelists. The various panelists all had inspiring life stories and the ability to share real-world advice, which was an invaluable experience. In addition to the panelists, meeting my mentor Kym Huynh made a huge impact. Kym is listed in Australia’s list of top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 and built his company WeTeachMe from the ground up. It was infatuating to be in the presence of someone so successful. He proves to be an impeccable mentor and an exceptional resource.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest thing (apart from being in Australia) was having a chance to be featured as a “professional” during panels related to Neuroscience or Psychology. Being able to dip my toes into the idea of being seen as a Neuroscientist, as well as practice my public speaking to a large audience was a very exhilarating and beneficial experience. The other cool part was being able to see how mental health changed when outside of America. This being my first trip abroad it was interesting to see how that definition changed when overseas.