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Tatyanna Neumann





Internship Location

Trappe, PA


For the past two school years I have been interning at Pillars Of Light And Love. Pillars offers free resources, classes, and a variety of holistic health options ranging from life coaching, to addiction counseling, to Bio-Mat sessions, to ZUMBA as well as offering outlets for children and adults. In my time at Pillars I assist in outreach techniques, scheduling and organizing events, revenue generating, as well as host my own support group called “Teen Talk” and co-host a weekly group called “I am broken and ready to fix me.”

Who I Met that Made a Difference

My mentor Genia Silva and her husband Jesse Silva are both very successful and intuitive life coaches whom were able to provide me with invaluable advice regarding my career goals as well as how to keep an optimistic perspective in my own life and effective communication with patients and clients. They both have exceptional visions for their careers and live to make authentic connections with those around them and learn from each other.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The best part of this experience for me is the ability to work with a range of ages to figure out which I am best suited for. We work with small children to older adults which allows me to get a full bodied look on what mental health issues are most prevalent in what age groups, and learn how to effectively interact with all of them. It also helped me get over my fear of giving advice to adults. Working with the broken group-predominately composed of middle aged adults, it felt strange to give them psychological or life advice, however came to find that they were there to hear you out and they can teach you as much as you can teach them!