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Vincent Razzano

Class Year



Media & Communication Studies

Internship Location

Law Offices of Stanley J. Ellenberg, Philadelphia, PA


Vincent had been considering law school for a while. However he had a lot of uncertainties about pursuing the profession and felt that he wanted first-hand experience before making the decision. He thought that his major courses at Ursinus prepared him for the writing aspects of the internship but he also faced job tasks that he wasn’t used to, such as running from the office to the courtroom and to other locations around Philadelphia. He adjusted to being flexible with his time. Some of his daily tasks included answering and making phone calls, writing letters, discussing plans with lawyers, and attending video depositions. His personal goal was to clarify what he wanted to pursue after college.

Skills Utilized

As an intern, Vincent was responsible for writing letters that reflected the attorneys, as well as reading letters with full attention. He enhanced his writing and reading skills by using them in a different environment outside the classroom. He also utilized his research and communication skills.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Vincent’s site advisor made a lasting impression on him throughout his internship because he assisted him in thinking expansively about his future. He discussed career paths other than the law field and encouraged him to pursue what he’s passionate about. In addition to his site advisor, Vincent met with several other attorneys that always made sure he was on track. They took an interest in his future and provided him with perspectives on the field. Overall, he had several knowledgeable people to look up to in a comfortable work setting.

Future Implications

After completing his internship, Vincent feels more confident communicating which will assist him greatly in journalism, or any field. As a result of his internship, his career trajectory is now less focused on law and more on writing.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

Vincent was inspired by being in a court room and seeing the real emotion present in family law. He witnessed immigrant families being granted green cards, which changed his viewpoint on lawyers because he was able to see the difference they make in people’s lives.


“Whether it is paid or unpaid, an internship is unbelievably helpful in providing concrete ground on which you can decide if a certain kind of work is something worth devoting yourself to. In addition, an internship is a great opportunity to network and to set up possible future employment with those you work for and meet while working. I would encourage anyone uncertain about their future to give working as an intern serious thought so that you can truly know what your next move might be.”