• Chase

Chase Opperman


Psychology, Philosophy


Bonner, Army Reserves, Parlee Center Fellow

My Experience

Love is a concept with meaning which often escapes words. This was why I was at first confused when the phrase “Bonner Love” was being thrown around during my first summer orientation with Bonner, a scholarship program dedicated to fostering community engagement through direct and indirect service. The phrase seemed cheesy and superficial. Yet, for me, nothing has come closer to answering the question of love’s meaning. Love is demonstrative of that which Bonners do and that which constitutes a core component of who we are: allies, friends, human beings who wish to realize the good in each other and our communities through service. Love is definitive in that it fosters the creation of families through the communities in which we serve. Thus, through Bonner, my passion for service blossomed. I continue to spend hundreds of hours at myriad organizations giving back what has been gifted to me: love.

We think critically together, we fight together, we serve together, we embrace each other, and we are a part of each other. This group of people is one of the most inspiring selection of individuals who I have ever met I feel this groups differences, ideas, and wisdom inform my soul, and I thank my lucky stars that I have found them. I can only wait to see what the future will bring, in the meantime, I am eager to get to work.