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Chase Opperman





My Experience

Primary Service Sites

 Hospice coordinated through Ardmore Presbyterian Church, Camp Hill, and Columbia Cottage


What Bonner Means to Me

 Bonner, to me, is a family with a mission. We uphold an ideal based in the betterment of the world: help those in need. From this family I have learned and continue to learn just what it means to do good in the world, and to becoming understanding of that which we are trying to combat with our service. We are not here to fulfill a requirement, but rather see the effects of the work we do through the smiles of those that we help. This opportunity is an honor and privilege because we also emphasize the need to recognize and criticize the systems that are malfunctioning in our society and go beyond. We pursue the need to be proactive in what we do. We think critically together, we fight together, we serve together, we embrace each other, and we are a part of each other. This group of people is one of the most inspiring selection of individuals who I have ever met. I know this only after being with them for 2 and ½  weeks of my college career, let alone Bonner, let that speak for itself. I feel this groups differences, ideas, and wisdom being ingrained into my soul, and I thank my lucky stars that I have found them. I can only wait to see what the future will bring, in the meantime, I am eager to get to work.

Most Memorable Moments in Bonner

My most memorable moments in Bonner have yet to be seen. I know, together, we will do great things. I only look forward to being able to work with this family each and every day because I can feel the potential that is within each and every one of its faculty and members. We will change the world, one step at a time.