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Franchesca Liberatoscioli

Class Year



Media & Communication Studies

Internship Location

Berwyn Carpet Company, Berwyn, PA


When Franchesca first came across this internship opportunity, she found it interesting because she had never heard of anyone interning there before. Once she accepted the internship, she jumped right into the real business world gaining hands on experience. Everyday customers came into the company and consulted with the showroom manager and Franchesca. They discussed their carpet options and which ones would best complement their home. In addition, she also answered phones, restocked inventory, maintained the showroom, and ran social media accounts. Her goal was to obtain real experience in a field that she originally knew little about. Overall, Franchesca gained knowledge on how to run a business efficiently.

Skills Utilized

With so much interaction with customers in the showroom, Franchesca grew in confidence and in her communication skills. She learned how important it is to take initiative as an intern in order to get the most out of her time there. She also improved her media and creative writing skills by running various social media accounts.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

The showroom manager at Berwyn Carpet Company taught Franchesca the most applicable skills that she can use in any business.

Future Implications

This internship gave her a strong foundation in office skills and customer service. She will be able to apply what she’s learned to any job she may have in the future.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

Franchesca found that the coolest part was helping the customers “literally piece together their dream homes.” She was able to immerse herself in an interesting business that was truly a unique opportunity.


“Apply to EVERYTHING because you truly never know how great of an experience you will have until you actually follow through!”