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Matthew Margolis

Class Year



Applied Economics

Internship Location

Raymond James, Newtown, PA


Matthew pursued an internship at Raymond James, a financial services firm, because he was in the process of changing his major and thought this experience would give him insight into the financial field. He also got to apply knowledge learned from his classes at Ursinus by referencing the Wall Street Journal and creating financial plans, both strongly emphasized by his professors. On a typical day at Raymond James, Matthew would perform prospective client research, cold calling, and reading for “money in motion” happening locally and nationally. During his internship, it was his goal to gain as many clients as possible in order for the company to continue to grow.

Skills Utilized

Aside from a major use of Excel, Matthew also improved his creativity in order to improve the company in the digital world. He assisted with creating an internet presence for the company to help spread the word about their services. Matthew also became more comfortable with making cold calls throughout his internship.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Matthew’s boss inspired him during his internship by carefully advising him and the other interns. He constantly provided advice on how to run a successful business and how to grab people’s attention.

Future Implications

This internship allowed Matthew to see the financial management industry and the day-to-day tasks within it. Now he has a better grasp on what he wants to pursue after graduation. He discovered the importance of being up to date with the Wall Street Journal and other issues in the world. Lastly, Matthew will be able to apply the communication skills from his internship to his future career.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

While all aspects of his internship were beneficial, Matthew loved doing prospective client research on big-time high school, college, and professional athletes. He was able to make phone calls to these players and their families.


“Be proactive in your pursuit. Don’t be laid back about the process.”