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Noel McCampbell








Research Chemistry Lab, Club Volleyball, Model UN

My Experience

What Bonner means to me:

Bonner for me is family. It is accepting people as their most vulnerable and true selves. I have been fortunate enough to be selected as not only a Bonner leader but also as an intern. This has helped me to tap into my leadership skills and mentor various students. Likewise, at my primary service sites, Cradles to Crayons and Sebastian Riding Associates, I have found my confidence and my passion to engage with the community.


Memorable Bonner Moment: 

During Bonner class, we did an Step-in activity where we would step into the circle when we shared a certain identity. I felt that we all gained a new level of trust, respect and love in doing that activity. No matter what prompted us to step in, class, race, sexuality, political beliefs, family history or even disability; I knew that my identities would be received with respect. I will never forget that Bonner class.