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Noel McCampbell



Class Year



Milton, MA




UC UNICEF, Club Volleyball, SIE scholar, Mini-thon and Nanotube Chemistry Research Lab with Dr. Ellison

My Experience

Service Sites:

Cradles to Crayon, Catholic Social Services, and Camphill


What Bonner means to me:

Bonner for me is a family of individuals seeking out ways to better the world and to also better themselves. We are constantly learning from each other. We share a passion to serve others. Our commitment to social justice is what defines us and we hope to share these ideas beyond just the Bonner family.


Memorable Bonner Moment: 

During Bonner class, we did an Step-in activity where we would step into the circle when we shared a certain identity. I felt that we all gained a new level of trust, respect and love in doing that activity. No matter what prompted us to step in, class, race, sexuality, political beliefs, family history or even disability; I knew that my identities would be received with respect. I will never forget that Bonner class.