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Hannah Merges

Class Year



Somerset, NJ


Environmental Science


Marine Biology/ Sociology


Varsity Volleyball team, Environmental Science Club, Hillel, and Habitat for Humanity 

My Experience

My Primary Service Sites

Ursinus’ ESL program, The Children’s Schoolhouse of Collegeville, and Parkhouse

What Bonner Means to Me

I am not completely sure what Bonner means to me yet because I am new and haven’t had time to be fully immersed in the service sites as well as the Bonner classes. However, community service is one of the most rewarding feelings I have had. Not only is it rewarding, but a lot of the times you form relationships with some of the people you work with, whether it be other volunteers or the people you are helping. Some of the stories you hear and the conversations you have can change your perspectives on things completely. I think that is one of the greatest things about service and life in general. 

Memorable Bonner Experience

Though I haven’t been with Bonner long, one of the experiences that is most memorable to me, was the first time I walked into the Bears Den for Bonner Orientation. I had no clue where the Bears Den was and I thought I was going to be late. But when I finally found it, I walked in and everyone immediately welcomed me into their group with open arms and introduced me to new people and asked me how my day was going. It was so nice and so encouraging to find such an amazing group of people, and I have yet to be anything less than overjoyed to be a part of Bonner.