Center for Writing and Speaking

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Gabriel Tenaglia

What I Love about Writing

Writing is the greatest way to express oneself. It allows you to carefully compile your thoughts and put them down exactly (more or less) as you envision them. Being able to formulate my thoughts in writing has been cathartic to me in my own life, not to mention an extremely useful skill to have. I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor to help others express themselves through written word, because I know how much being able to do that means to me.





Most Memorable Moment in Class

Once, a professor of mine came into class and asked something along the lines of “how do kids greet each other these days?” What followed was one of the most hilarious discussions I’ve had in my life!

How I Stay Involved

I’m the treasurer of the Ursinus Budo Taijutsu club, and am a Melrose Fellow.

An Unusual Fact About Me

I was a youth soccer referee for three years, and I learned that being a referee is one of the most thankless and demoralizing jobs out there.