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Chris Tan

What I Love About Writing

I love writing because it is a medium through which we can preserve, express, and transmit our emotions and ideas with others.

Class Year



Brooklyn, NY


Applied Economics, International Relations


This year I’m studying the accuracy of investment buy-side and sell-side analyst forecasts for firms, specifically looking at forecasts by sector, with the expectation that biased sectors such as technology will have a higher error rate than less efficiently priced sectors. 

How I Stay Involved

In terms of involvement, I try to maintain a well-balanced and active involvement in our campus community.  I love to pursue my passions, and that reflects the organizations with which I am involved.  In addition to being a Writing Fellow, I am a leader of the Men’s Wrestling Team, the Vice President of the Student Body, a representative in the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, a member of the Finance Scholars Program, and a tutor for economics and accounting.

An Unusual Fact About Me

I possess a deep and unshakeable love for milkshakes despite being devastatingly lactose intolerant.