Center for Writing and Speaking

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Katie Hudick

What I Love about Writing

I personally love the therapeutic nature of writing. You can put your personality and being into a paper with just the right words, and with just the right community you can share thoughts and feelings through one common format and passion of writing.





How I Stay Involved

Currently I am the Office Manager of the Writing Fellows as well as being a Writing Fellow, but I am also a Peer Associate in charge of social media the Career and Post-Gradudate Development office on campus. Through both of these experiences I hope to stay involved with the campus by communicating with and aiding my peers. I am also president of Kappa Delta Kappa, and belong to Psi Chi and Whitian Honors societies.

Life After Ursinus

I hope that after Ursinus I can work for a Non-Profit organization concerned with breaking the unfortunately many systems of oppression, poverty, and mental health issues within the United States impacting marginalized populations.