Center for Writing and Speaking

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Madison Moses

What I Love About Writing

I use writing as a method of organization for the ideas in my often-cluttered brain. I appreciate the way in which the writing process can compact an overwhelming amount of information into a logical and effective piece of writing. This transformation is essential for communicating ideas and beginning conversations that can lead to change.




Gender and Women’s Studies

How I Stay Involved

My interests reach far beyond writing, and so does my involvement on campus. I am a member of both Escape Velocity Dance Troupe and Dance Team, I am a fellow for the Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good, I am a student advisor to the Bear Cubs Activities Council, and I do research in Dr. Ellison’s lab. My ability to be so involved on campus is what I love most about Ursinus, and I enjoy every day here because of the variety of activities in which I participate.

Life After Ursinus

Life After graduation, I plan to attend medical school. I’m not quite sure what kind of doctor I want to be yet, but I know that I want to help heal people, especially under-served populations. I would like to continue writing throughout my life, even if it is only in small ways. I also plan to continue dancing for as long as I possibly can, as I cannot imagine my life without it.