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Sarah Hojsak

Class Year





Gender & Women’s Studies

Internship Location

Taylor & Francis Group, Philadelphia, PA


During the spring semester of 2017, Sarah began searching for internships that would serve as an introductory experience into the “real world.” She also wanted an internship that would guide her in finding which career path she would like to end up pursuing. She came across Taylor & Francis Group, an academic publishing company with locations worldwide. Sarah had considered a career in publishing before, and although she wasn’t familiar with academic publishing, she realized it was a field that both interested and challenged her. She felt lucky to have found an internship that allowed her to use and value the skills she learned through her English classes at Ursinus. Sarah was responsible for the same level of work as an Editorial Assistant. Some of her tasks included analyzing data on the journals, updating the company website, and copyediting documents. She also worked independently on an acquisition research project, which determined which types of journals the company will publish.

Skills Utilized

Sarah was able to use the writing and communication skills that she gained through her experiences as an English major, editing for the Grizzly, and freelance writing. Since she was responsible for proofreading, editing skills were crucial. She also improved her research skills while working on her independent project. In addition, speaking and communication skills were required while Sarah attended meetings with co-workers.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Sarah had two supervisors who offered her advice on both pursuing a career in publishing and attending graduate programs. Having two mentors gave her the opportunity to learn about the company while also considering how her internship experience would impact her in the future.

Future Implications

This internship gave Sarah insight into the publishing industry and connections that could assist her with a future career. Even if she decides to pursue a different field, she feels that the experience will help her acclimate to any professional environment.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

Sarah loved being able to work in the city. She was able to meet several amazing and successful people, which gave her an idea of what her life could look like in a few years.


“Internships are great because they allow you to try out different things before fully entering a career. I would recommend taking advantage of the variety of internships that exist and applying to positions that may be out of your comfort zone, or even something you think you might not be qualified for – you never know what could happen. My current internship is at a radio station, so it’s an entirely different field from academic publishing, but an equally valuable experience.”