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Min Son ’20


Class of 2020 student, Min Son, approaches her Ursinus College experience in a unique way. She describes UC as a “care package”, ­and for her, the most essential supply in that package is the college’s standout faculty members, who she affirms, “always prioritize student success.”


“The faculty at Ursinus consistently put their students above all else and are genuinely excited when they succeed,” says Son. “In my coursework as well as through interactions with my professor’s outside the classroom, they have encouraged me to find my academic passions and pursue them to their fullest.”

Son is a first-generation college student whose family emigrated from South Korea. She is grateful for the opportunity to attend Ursinus, and would not have been able to do so without the robust financial aid she received. She is the recipient of a named scholarship, which she says has enabled her to “continue to strive toward her dream of attending medical school.” Perhaps this is the impetus for her strong yearning to help others—she has become deeply committed to community service in her short, but meaningful time thus far at Ursinus.

Last spring, Son was selected by the Melrose Center for Global Civic Engagement to be among its first cohort of Melrose Fellows. This role has offered her the opportunity to dig deeper into global issues and thoughtfully reflect on what makes her a better citizen of her community.

“As I plan, think, discuss, debate and act on a global issue with other 2020 Melrose Fellows, I hope that I will become a better critical thinker,” says Son. “I envision the Melrose Center changing the way I view my values, my surroundings and myself. I will continue to challenge the norm and grow to be an intellectual scholar with the other Fellows.” 

In addition to her involvement with the Melrose Center for Global Civic Engagement, she also works at the Ursinus Center for Advocacy, Responsibility and Engagement (UCARE). Through UCARE, she is involved in copious community projects as well as encourages her peers to discover, likewise, the joy of serving others. For Son, it has helped her become an advocate for positive social change within Collegeville and surrounding local communities. She especially has a passion for trending issues such as immigration, and seeks to highlight their importance to Ursinus students, faculty and staff. In fact, last March, Son and a few of her UCARE peers led a panel discussion on immigration for the campus community.

Son says, “By organizing and leading the immigration panel, I learned that people are willing to not only hear, but also act. Audience members came to us afterwards, expressing interest in volunteering for local community service partners and inquiring on ways they could get involved.” 

This second-year biology major has undoubtedly embraced the diverse and fruitful impact of a liberal arts education—both in the classroom and outside of it. Each experience Son has had uniquely empowered her to gain the acumen that will enable her to continue to develop intellectually. Perhaps most exciting, Son has been able to build her identity as both a local and global leader. She knows this will help to guide her path forward.

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