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Heidi Maurer






I am a member of Phi Alpha Theta and I am a  History Mentor. I play intramural coed volleyball, intramural coed badminton, and intramural coed basketball. I am a member of the South Asian Heritage Club. 


I am a History Mentor: I work in the history help room as a history tutor. 


I love history, art, coffee, and chocolate! I am well organized, independent, creative, and hyper. I enjoy educating others, playing basketball, and making power points.   

Most Memorable Moment in Class

When I had to present my undergraduate history paper on corn at the Greater Philadelphia Asian Studies Consortium and COSA. Both audiences found my research on corn to be both interesting and informative. #historyofrice


I plan on completing my student teaching during the Spring Semester of my Senior Year, 2019. 

My Experience

I love the education, atmosphere, and individuals here at Ursinus. In terms of the History Department, I enjoy all of my professors as well as the variety of interesting courses that are offered. The History Department has prepared me for my future career as a History teacher, as well as my further education in the field of history.