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Gwendolyn Franklin


History and American Studies


Omega Chi, Phi Alpha Theta


I am a history major from West Philadelphia with a particular interest in modern American history. I am the archive assistant for Ursinus (located on the 2nd floor of Myrin). During the week I reside on the first floor of Myrin reading during all hours of the day. On the weekends I act as the DJ for Omega Chi. I have an unconditional love for big dogs, Newfoundlands in particular. 

Most Memorable Moment in Class

In History 200 we read the text “Salem Possessed.” The class period before we read the conclusion / Boyer’s final analysis I hypothesized in class where I thought Boyer & Nissenbaum were going. As a Sophomore history major I had previously been tentative in class to participate. I ended up being spot on correct and since that moment I have never hesitated to express my opinions/analysis.


I participated in Summer Fellows in 2017 as well as continuing my project into the fall as my proposed honors research. I am studying primary source documents from southern West Virginia counties in order to analyze linguistic tools of identity perpetuation in coal dependent areas. Over the summer I did an extensive secondary source dive into the history of the coal industry as well as creating my own methodology for blending history and sociology. I look to challenge typical methods of both disciplines by placing them in conversation with one another as a way to use history to talk about the present social climate. 

My Experience

I love Ursinus! I struggled freshman year to find my voice but with the help of many influential characters, Dr. Doughty, Dr. Clark, Dr. O & Dr. Daggar, I have been able to express my opinions and challenge my natural tendencies. I have a passion for writing and reading history that without the support of my professors would have been washed away due to my own insecurities. At Ursinus I have found unconditional support coupled with simultaneous challenging of my own ideas.