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William Wehrs




Film Studies


I am a first violinist in String Ensemble. I am a member of Phi Alpha Theta


I am the secretary of Phi Alpha Theta


I am from Alabama. My two interests, history and film, were apparent from a young age. In terms of history, I would look at the presidents’ names on my place mat until I could recite them all in order, which I did at 7. In terms of film, I loved Turner Classic Movies as a child, but would particularly look forward to the Roger Osborne segments introducing the films and informing the viewer of some trivia. Today, I continue my two interests, as over the Summer I try to read four to five history books every two weeks, as well as constantly trying to find new films to see and then find every aspect of their production history that I can.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

My most memorable moment in class came in Freshman year when Professor Doughty asked the class if any one had done the reading, as the class was not answering his questions. This expectation of high standards made me happy I had come to Ursinus. As a side note, I like to think my hand was in the air, and he was just ignoring me, but that might be wishful thinking.


I have conducted independent research. Over the summer between my Freshman year and Sophomore year along with the holidays all through my Sophomore year, I wrote an essay on film music for the book, The Palgrave Handbook of Affect Studies and Textual Criticism. I am pleased to say my essay was accepted with the book due to be released in December of 2017

My Experience

My experiences with Professor Doughty and the recently retired Professor Clark were almost universally good. They challenge students to strive to do better and constantly be engaged in the reading, as complacency is not an option. This is what I consider an ideal classroom environment. Though other members of the history faculty are a little softer than these two, all of the professors provide readings that are interesting and have the potential for good class discussions. Another nice thing is that the professors are always happy to meet with students to discuss papers, which is invaluable especially when one is a neurotic freshman, as I was.