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Greg Stryker


History and International Relations


French and Politics


International Relations Club, Mock Trial, Model UN, Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (STAT), Phi Alpha Theta


Student Representative for International Relations Club


I am an only child with two working parents, one of whom is an Ursinus alumni.  I have always had an interest in history, when I was in sixth grade I even predicted that I would be a history major in college, as evidenced by a letter that my sixth grade teacher had us write to our future selves.  I am also well traveled and after traveling to the UK when I was fourteen I started to become more interested in international relations, which explains my second major.  I love to read fiction and science fiction.  I have a very needy cat who thinks that he owns the house at home.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

My most memorable moment in class does not cover one class, but two or three.  It was in my first history course at Ursinus, an American history course.  To help my class to understand some of the political, social and economic undercurrents during the time of the American War for Independence, my professor gave the class different people that we were to portray.  I received the role of a middle class man who owned a printing press and who was a moderate in the political discussion.  Other people received upper class people, slaves, widows, and the poor.  Over the course of the classes that we took for the activity, the whole class got involved and loved the activity while also learning more about New York around this time period.


I am currently studying abroad in Brussels, Belgium through the IFE-Bruxelles program. This program is an intensive program designed to have both courses and an internship all in French. There are five weeks of intensive courses, a week long break, and then 12 weeks of internship. I will be interning at Confrontation Europe, an EU focused think tank a block away from the European Parliament in Brussels. I also participated in the BGIA program in the summer of 2017. This program took place in New York City where I took two classes and interned at World Policy Institute, a foreign policy related think tank. During the internship, I worked under Sherle Schwenninger with his work on China’s One Belt; One Road Initiative and its effects on Europe and the European Rim.

My Experience

My experience at Ursinus has been all that I had hoped for and more when I made my final decision.  The faculty, staff, and student body have all been incredible in how nice and helpful they can be.  Academically the history department has been amazing in helping me to take full advantage of my time at Ursinus with my double major, double minor.  Everyone is always pushing you to spread your wings and learn how to live out in the world, thanks to Ursinus I have done this in so many ways and even decided to take the leap and have back to back experiences in different cities and countries that have truly prepared me for life after college.