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David Walters

Class Year



English and Theater



Internship Location

Brainy Camps, High View, West Virginia


David has been volunteering at Brainy Camps for the past two years and thought that fulfilling his ILE requirement there would be fun since it engaged both of his majors as well as his minor. Brainy Camps is a non-profit residential summer camp for children with chronic health conditions. As a counselor, it was important for David to make sure that the kids were safe while also having fun. During the day, he took campers to their activities while guiding them along and making sure they were fully involved. Additionally, his goal was to build a stronger rapport with his co-counselors.

Skills Utilized

While at Brainy Camps, David utilized his interpersonal skills and patience. He also developed some athletic abilities while engaging in the campers’ activities.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

The co-counselor that David worked with taught him that he can’t be endlessly patient with the campers. He encouraged David to enforce rules while still having fun. It was helpful for David to learn how to be fun, but also serious when it was necessary.

Future Implications

This internship made David realize that he wants to work with children with special needs in the future. He plans to continue working with Brainy Camps to pursue his passion of working with kids.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

David’s favorite part was seeing the campers’ confidence grow after just one week. He felt that some of the kids would come into camp with low self-esteem and that the camp gave them a break from the “real world.” He loved being able to be a part of their growth.


“Work at Brainy Camps. It will change your life. However, if you choose to work somewhere else, make sure that place is just as fun and accepting of everyone.”