Annual Report & Year in Review

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Anisah Nu’Man

Euclidean geometry. Hyperbolic geometry. Spherical geometry. Linear algebra. Anisah Nu’Man, who came to Ursinus as an assistant professor of mathematics at the start of the academic year, has a passion for it all. This new doc—who’s cleverly known as @nudoc on Instagram—hit the ground running when she arrived in Collegeville. When she’s not teaching Ursinus students about matrices, axioms and theorems, she is working on her own research projects in the area of geometric group theory, studying abstract structures called groups. “A lot of my research is really visual because I look at Cayley graphs or van Kampen diagrams to help understand the algebraic properties of a group,” says Anisah. An alumna of Spelman College, a liberal arts school in Atlanta, Anisah was drawn to Ursinus because she wanted to teach in an environment that fosters both research as well as close relationships between faculty and students. It’s that same desire to mentor that drew her back to her alma mater, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, at the end of the spring semester to teach a cryptography course to high-school girls. “The goal,” says Anisah, “is to keep young girls excited and interested in mathematics.”

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Anisah Nu'Man