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Brent Garcia

Brent Garcia graduated Ursinus in 2017, with a HEP Major and Coaching Minor. The U-Imagine Center had a strong impact on his life both before and after his Ursinus Graduation. His entrepreneurial idea was Trainwreck Ultimate, which provided accessible and affordable youth Ultimate Frisbee leagues via local recreation departments.

Brent stated that the U-Imagine Center totally changed his life. He had no clue about business, marketing, or social media before he decided to sign up for the social media competition in 2016. He now runs social media for Convergence Music, a non-profit. While Convergence is still in a startup phase, the skills he developed working with U-Imagine helped him successfully promote the Tall Trees Music Fest. Maureen Cumpstone, his mentor, was an instrumental factor in his development of an entrepreneurial mindset and knowledge of business and marketing.

He officially became a member of the U-Imagine community after taking 3rd place in the #TalkuptheBears Social Media and Digital Marketing Competition in 2016. Maureen took him under her wing and invited him to the USABE conference which just so happened to take place in Philly this past year. From there, he was taking a business class for the first time (BE391) through U-Imagine, and was guided to the Ready Set Go Prize in the U-Innovate competition this past April.

Brent continued to work with Maureen about securing Avenue V funding for his entrepreneurial pursuits. He was accepted to an additional sum of at least $500. He ultimately chose to hold off on his business pursuits until he secured himself more of a financial backbone. But the U-Imagine Center was willing to help him achieve his goals, even after he graduated. He is very thankful for the opportunity.