The U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies

  • Photo of Johnny Myers, '19

Johnny Myers

Johnny Myers is an Economics and English Double Major. His courses for the Fall 2017 semester are Accounting, Finance 270, Econ 202, and English 325. Johnny is very involved on campus as the president of the Investments Club, and a member of the swimming team.

He competed in the Bear Innovation competition in 2017. His idea was to have a Bee Keeping Society which would entail keeping a beehive on campus, and selling honey to students, community members, and there would even be a subscription delivery service, where subscribers could get fresh honey delivered to their door each month.

His more recent entrepreneurial endeavor is the Perkiomen Soap Company. On Valentine’s Day, Johnny and his girlfriend were searching on Etsy for affordable gifts. They found reasonably priced soap, from a small business. After ordering and using the soap, Johnny liked it so much that he wanted to know how to make it himself. After doing a month of research, he learned how to make his own soap and he wanted to make a business out of it. He stated that the soap is quick to make, but whenever he makes a batch he needs to let it cure for a month, so they can set and not disintegrate in the shower.  In April of 2017, he sold 30 bars of soap to Ursinus students for $1 each, for proof of concept. He wanted to be sure that there is a market out there and he quickly discovered that the demand for his homemade soap is high.

Why is the Perkiomen Soap Company different? It uses all natural ingredients like palm oil, coconut oil, and olive oil, rather than artificial ingredients found in many top-brand soaps. The soap is available in different flavors such as Pumpkin Spice, Lemon Citrus, and Autumn Scent, which come from essential oils. These natural ingredients are great for skin. Finally, It is all locally made…as in Johnny produces it in the basement of North!

Johnny is currently working with the U-Imagine Center in order to help alleviate some of the costs that come along with making the soap, by providing funding for his ingredients. They also connected him with Brad Trout from the business Seniors Helping Seniors, who Johnny was able to pitch his business idea to.  

The future of the Perkiomen Soap Company is looking strong. Johnny knows the demand is high for his next batch, so he may be looking for help with production. He is also looking to possibly expand his product selection, by researching how to make shampoo bars and air fresheners. However, Johnny clarified that the product expansion will probably not be in the near future. He doesn’t have any concrete plans for the future of his company, he just wants to see how the business grows.

For now, be sure to look out for the Perkiomen Soap Company around the Ursinus campus!