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Tommy Armstrong

Tommy Armstrong, class of 2020, is a Dramatic Writing Major. His classes for the Fall 2017 semester are Fiction Writing, What Matters, Intro to Theatre, and French Communication.

Tommy’s entrepreneurial project is a comedy musical film about depression, called Tune Out. In Tune Out, the main character, who is a college senior named Ken who can only find peace within herself by imagining the people she dislikes breaking into song and dance. Ken is played by Claire Hughes, class of 2020. Concepts of Tommy’s movies were motivated by his own experiences with depression, therapy programs, deep connections with others struggling with depression and related maladies, and general research. The musical aspect of Tune Out is inspired by his love of comedy, music, musicals, and comedy musicals.

He first heard about the U-Imagine Center when he wrote an article about the social media contest last year, and he has had many experiences with the Center since then. In the Spring 2017 semester, Tommy did an entrepreneurial workshop with the U-Imagine center to help build the idea and production value for his film. The workshop helped turn his ideas into concrete plans, which he finds to be the main deal breaker in projects.

Later, he entered Tune Out in the Bear Innovation Competition, and was awarded $1000. Over the summer of 2017, he applied for Avenue V funding, and won $550 for his project.

Tommy feels so fortunate to be able to apply every skill he wants to work on to a topic that is one of the most important and present subjects of his life. He wants his project to provide perspective into themes to help viewers better understand their live. Tommy would very much like to himself and others understand depression, and the goal of his movie is to do just that.

Tommy would also like to name other cast members of his film. To start off, head of theatre, Domenick Scudera (Professor Rubin), Dr. Meghan Brodie (Dr. Portnoy), Dr. Rebecca Roberts (Carol Johnson), her husband James Johnson (Mike Johnson), Mya Flood 2018 (Morgan Johnson), Rachael Daniels (Avocado), Codi Yhap 2020 (Scot), David Woyden (Paul), Luke Schlegel (Max), and he is predicting that there will eventually be more to add to this list.