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Chase Babrich

Chase Babrich and Josh Williams are both in the class of 2018, and they have worked as an entrepreneurial team. Chase is Mathematics and Computer Science Double Major, and his classes for the Fall 2017 semester are AI, Number Theory, Japanese Film, and Theory of Computation. Chase is also President of the ACM Club, and a captain for the Frisbee Team. Josh is also a Mathematics and Computer Science Double Major, taking Number Theory, Theory of Computation, and Art History for the Fall 2017 semester. The two participated as a team in the Bear Innovation Competitions in 2016 and 2017, and their ideas for the competitions were for two different apps: Flitter and UnBoxed Learning.

Flitter is an app that was thought of by the team of Chase and Josh, plus Jamie Maurer, an Ursinus graduate. The concept was a social media app to create and find events around you. Anyone on the app would be able to create public or private events. If an event was public, anyone on the app can see it, but if it was private, only the friends who were invited or Facebook friends would be able to have access. In order to enter it into the Bear Innovation competition, they had to figure out how to monetize the app. They thought that businesses could use Flitter to promote events, and their customers could get a discount. For example, a bar could use Flitter to advertise promote an event, and, Flitter users who attend the bar would get a free drink ticket. This app won them second place in the Bear Innovation competition, which won them $5000.

Their second idea was Unboxed Learning. This is an educational app that would incorporate virtual reality. Teachers would design levels and concepts through virtual reality, and students would participate in the levels in order to learn about the topics. When coming up with their second idea, Chase had recently finished summer fellows, and was excited about education and schooling, so he thought an educational app would be a nice concept. Josh wanted to incorporate virtual reality into the app, so they worked as a team to create Unboxed Learning.

Since the Bear Innovation competitions, the two have been very busy. Chase has attended the Passion to Purpose Bootcamp workshop lead by the U-Imagine Center, in order to learn more about entrepreneurship. He has also been busy with his extra-curricular activities, and recently finished an internship at a Mathnasium. This internship allowed him to use his skills that he’s learning in the classroom to help others. Josh currently works for the company, Evil Tortilla Games, which is an online gaming company started by his older brother.

We hope to see this duo in future U-Imagine competitions!