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Justin Martinez

After my four years at Ursinus I plan to attend medical school and pursue my dream of becoming a cardiologist.  During the FUTURE Program, I had the opportunity to study spinal cord regeneration in amphibians.  This program has allowed me to get familiar with the campus, professors, and fellow students.  Since FUTURE, I have continued my research and continue to make relationships with others on campus.






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I had the opportunity to do research on spinal cord regeneration in amphibians with Dr. Ellen Dawley during the FUTURE Program.  More specifically we studied microglial cells in larvae and adult axolotls.  During my four weeks of research I had the chance to observe, care, and record proper data for our axolotls.  I had the opportunity to perform actual research which included creating my own slides, injecting stains, and observing to see if my hypothesis was correct.  My hands-on research allowed me to get more comfortable with the laboratory and the experiment that I had to perform.  After my four weeks being a part of FUTURE, I had the opportunity to present my research to professors, students, friends, and family.  Now I am continuing my research throughout the school year hoping to receive the results I want.

Life After Ursinus

The FUTURE program has allowed me to see what everyday research is like.  With the skills that I have obtained I will continue to pursue my studies in the sciences and a career in the field of cardiology.