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Noël McCampbell

My FUTURE research is the application of nanotubes upon antibiotic resistant E.coli to deliver antibiotics to the bacteria. As an incoming sophomore it helped me make connections with upper classmen in my major and with staff who were leading research as well. I also gained a tremendous amount of experience in a laboratory setting and I feel much more comfortable in both a chemistry and biology lab setting now. I hope to one day become a researcher in the field of immunology and virology working to develop vaccines or an alternative to vaccines.




  • Bonner Leader
  • UC UNICEF Vice President
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As described before, my research consists of applying nanotubes to E.coli that are antibiotic resistant. We use tetracycline, an anti-bacterial antibiotic and we attach it to nanotubes which are microscopic carbon cylindrical tubes that are about 1nm in diameter. Through a series of reactions, the nanotubes are functionalized and tetracycline is attached to its surface. The nanotubes are applied to E.coli at different concentrations and the absorbance are measured to see how much bacterial growth was inhibited by the nanotube/tetracycline combination. Our results are based on the minimum inhibitory concentration, which is the minimum amount of nanotubes needed to inhibit bacterial growth.

My Experience

Through the FUTURE program, I was able to do full time research and realize my passion for molecular biology in a lab setting. The CSCG provides a wonderful opportunity for students who are curious about learning more in the STEM fields. I am beyond grateful for being a part of FUTURE.

Life After Ursinus

After Ursinus I hope to take at least one gap year to do service in a foreign country. I want to explore and investigate the ethics behind vaccinations and go to graduate school for immunology with the intention of getting a PhD in immunology or molecular biology. I hope to one day develop vaccines that help cure infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS. I would also like to research a potential way to cure these diseases without the complications of antibiotic resistance.