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The research I did over the summer was see how to inhibit growth in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, by binding and delivering tetracycline through nanographene.  The professor I worked with was Dr. Mark Ellison.  During the four weeks, we bound nanographene to the tetracycline, and delivered it into the resistant bacteria, seeing how much growth was inhibited.  I am now seeing the ability of de novo designed Due Ferri single-chain proteins to bind copper(II) cations for two electron oxidation catalysis with Dr. Amanda Reig

My Research Conferences

I went to one research conference in D.C. at the American Chemical Society Conference over the summer and presented the work we did with the graphene and bacteria. List any off-campus research conferences (with hyperlinks) attended.

Life After Ursinus

I hope to go to grad school and get a Ph.D.  Over the summer, I studied how to inhibit growth in E. Coli using nanographene.