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Brittani Schnable

This summer, my mentee and I worked on creating spin coated chalcogenide films that can eventually be used in nanoscale devices. This fall, I am looking forward to continuing this research and further characterization the films for use in optical devices. Having a mentee really helped me better understand the logic of this project more and how to teach someone


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Novel semiconducting materials, such as chalcogenide glass (ChG), have excellent infrared (IR) transparency and offer excellent potential for applications in a wide variety of devices. A solution, composed of powdered bulk As2S3 or As2Se3 dissolved in an amine was placed onto a glass substrate, within the spin coater, and spun at different speeds and times to create films of varying thicknesses. Maximum glass loading without phase separation or precipitation in each solution was determined. Spin speeds, duration, and baking were optimized for creating homogenous films. UV-Vis and FTIR spectroscopy was used to measure transmission. This summer, my mentee Mia Truman and I were able to successfully create thin films that had uniform thickness on the substrate. This fall, we plan to be varying the spin procedure and solution concentration to create more films and to further characterize the films by determining the film thickness, transition, morphology and composition. 

My Research Conferences

Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics – Spring 2017
Malcolm G. McLaren Symposium – Spring 2017

Life After Ursinus

This summer, I research spin coated chalcogenide films for use in nanoscale devices. After graduation, I plan to obtain my PhD in biophysics and have a career in research.