Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Photo of Meaghan Corbin Internship

Meaghan Corbin

Class Year



Health and Exercise Physiology



Internship Location

Sierra Pacific Orthopedics Center, Fresno, California


Meaghan was drawn to this internship because she plans to specialize in orthopedic surgery once she finishes a Physician’s Assistant program. She wanted to confirm that this really was her passion before she embarked on the career path. Meaghan’s courses at Ursinus helped her go into the internship with a knowledge of anatomy, infections, and types of treatment. However, being in the operating room gave her a real-world experience from which to gain new skills. A typical day for Meaghan involved rooming patients and assisting the surgeons when she was allowed. She also gained a lot of knowledge by performing clinical tasks such as reading CT scans, MRIs, and x-rays. Once Meaghan finished her internship, she knew that orthopedic surgery was her main interest.

Skills Utilized

Meaghan greatly improved her social skills while interning in the operating room. She frequently communicated with patients and doctors. Sometimes she would be communicating for long periods of time and had to make sure she remained patient and focused on what was being discussed. Additionally, she also improved her cognitive skills because she was always kept on her toes by the doctors. At any moment, she had to provide information on anatomical or epidemiological issues.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Meaghan was inspired by her two favorite doctors. They were both knowledgeable and provided her with advice on pursuing a career in orthopedic surgery. Overall, they left a positive influence on Meaghan because she became motivated to have a career similar to theirs.

Future Implications

This internship taught Meaghan that the field she wants to pursue requires immense dedication and commitment to studying for the next few years. Meaghan was reminded that she has to stay on task to make her dream become a reality.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

One of the doctors who made a memorable impression on Meaghan gave her a book that he usually gives to Physician’s Assistant students. The book was cool because it covered every type of surgery in orthopedics. Meaghan felt privileged to have been given a taste of what her education will be like in the future.


“Make sure whatever internship you choose is something you are really passionate about or truly interested in pursuing as a career. It can help you make or break a decision in what job you would like to have someday.”