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Chloe Sheraden

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Internship Location

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, Hyde Park, New York


Chloe volunteered at the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site (ELRO NHS) when she was younger and was able to get in touch with them in May of 2017 about pursuing a summer internship. She was drawn to the internship because as a History major, she wanted to explore career options in public history. Some of Chloe’s responsibilities included working as a docent to answer guests’ questions, giving 2-4 hour long tours each day, and continue growing her knowledge on the ELRO NHS. It was her goal to improve her presentation and public speaking skills.

Skills Utilized

From giving tours every day, Chloe mostly improved her public speaking skills as well as her confidence in presenting. She also had to use skills she learned from her classes at Ursinus, such as reading and research. In order to give tours and be prepared to answer any questions from the crowd, Chloe needed to continually research historical documents and read thoroughly about the information on which she was presenting.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Chloe was inspired by a lead facilitator of an LGBTQ discussion that she and her coworkers attended. The discussion was about interpreting LGBTQ history at National Historic Sites. This event brought a new element into a career in public history, and ever since then, Chloe has wanted to pursue research that involves interpreting LGBTQ history.

Future Implications

Because Chloe was so immersed in the interpretation of history while she was an intern, she feels prepared to pursue research on LGBTQ history as a career. Her internship gave her an in-depth glance into what history means as a career and how to transfer her classroom skills into the workplace.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

From working every day in Eleanor Roosevelt’s house, Chloe was able to look through her personal documents and explore every room as a part of her work. She loved being able to truly enjoy her internship and explore while she was working. It brought what she’s learned about in history classes to life.


“Don’t limit yourself to things you think you are interested in at this moment; go beyond your interests and invest time in looking at anything that is applicable to your major.”