• Liam Griffin in the snow

Liam Griffin




Politics and International Relations


History Help Room!


Resident Advisor


I grew up in a coastal town and have carried the love of the ocean with me my entire life. I would love nothing more than being back on the water fishing and being in the sun.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

The class that convinced me to become a History major was Dr. Throop’s Henry VIII class. The Reacting to the Past game we played was such an incredible experience for me, especially as a freshman, that I’d instantly recommend the class to anyone else.


I conducted a Summer Fellows project in which I looked into Ursinus’s history and it’s connection to the Vietnam War. While going through the Myrin Library archives, I was questioning both how and why we remember what we do. At the end, I published a digital humanities project that can be found online through the Ursinus Digital Commons.

How I Stay Involved

Next semester I will be assisting Dr. Throop as a Research Assistant and helping her run the Henry VIII Reacting to the Past game.

My Experience

My experience at Ursinus and with the History Department far surpassed any expectations I had as a Freshman. The relationships I have made with both professors and other students that would normally be outside of my friend group have been remarkable.