• Vincent Razzano standing in front of a mountain

Vincent Razzano






Pre-Law, Wismer on Wheels


I am into travelling and had the best times of my college years while studying abroad in London and hope to replicate that experience soon. Approach problems and decisions in an unorthodox and creative fashion so to keep things interesting and pave your own path. Record everything because the information and experiences one has can be very useful if it is readily available.


I have completed two internships in addition to studying abroad. The first internship was at a news source in London where I served as an editorial intern. The second internship was with a Philadelphia law firm where I got to see a lot of different types of cases unfold and learn the ins-and-outs of the life of an attorney. My experience in London was unparalleled and has widened my interests and outlooks on life. Having the chance to meet and learn about a people I had never come into contact with was fulfilling to say the least.

How I Stay Involved

I stay involved simply by having a voice in class and by fostering relationships with professors and classmates. In doing so, you create a presence for yourself and can serve as a source of assistance for others while staying involved.

My Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ursinus, especially after declaring a history major. The professors who I have had the pleasure of learning from have been so important in shaping my time here because they are frequently available and not only for matters having to do with coursework. After four years of non-stop reading and writing, I believe the History department has improved my way of interpreting and crafting historical works and material of my own which has opened up plenty of opportunities for me as I pursue my future.