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  • Tiffini Eckenrod headshot

Tiffini Eckenrod

Badges I’ve Been Awarded




Museum Studies


I am a part of the Yearbook Club.


Yearbook editor and DLA Fellow Berman Museum Receptionist/ Collections Worker, Digital Liberal Arts Fellow, History Help Room Tutor


I enjoy research and doing hands-on work. Also, I have an interest in the digital humanities which has allowed me to learn how to use various digital tools. My goal is to incorporate these digital tools with my interest in history and museum work to create unique and engaging projects.


Interned at The Mill at Anselma during the summer of 2019.

How I Stay Involved

I always check my email for any events that I am interested in. Also, I always look at the flyers people hang up around campus.

My Experience

I have greatly enjoyed my time here at Ursinus and in the History Department. During my time here, I have learned a lot of valuable information and made many new friends. These experiences will stay with me for years to come.