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Brooke Moses

Class Year



Dance and Chemistry

Internship Location

Turning Pointe Dance Studio, Birdsboro, PA


Brooke wanted an internship that would give her the “behind-the-scenes” experience of being a dance teacher, which has been one of her dream jobs since high school. She was able to make this internship happen by communicating with the dance department at Ursinus. She was grateful that the internship allowed her to use her skills as a dance major as well as doing things that she never got to do as a student, like teach younger dancers. A regular day included running performances from backstage, assistant teaching, creating advertisements, and developing fundraising programs for the studio. Her goal as an intern was to ensure that teaching dance was a plausible career for her to pursue.

Skills Utilized

Brooke learned that communication skills are important when running a dance studio. She had to adjust the way she communicated for a variety of audiences. In one day alone, she would teach young dancers, make phone calls with potential fundraisers, and then have conversations with parents or grandparents. She also became skillful with computer-related work like e-mailing and creating advertisements. Overall, Brooke is more comfortable with the various skills needed to understand the ins and outs of the field.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

The head teacher at Turning Pointe had the biggest influence on Brooke. She helped her create a plan for post-graduation life and provided her with a network in the dance field.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

Brooke loved being able to see the young dancers develop and improve their dance technique throughout the summer. It meant a lot to her to see how directly dance teachers impact their students in a positive way. The dancer’s confidence grew throughout the summer and she was able to be a part of that growth.


“Definitely try to find an internship in your desired field. Interning allows you to experience what you may do in life, and it gives you a sneak peek into what you may or may not enjoy. Interning allows you to network with other people which is always a positive thing to do for your future, so I would recommend talking to everyone at the job and get to hear their stories.”