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Thomas Moore

Class Year



Health and Exercise Physiology

Internship Location

Bishop McDevitt High School, Harrisburg, PA


Thomas wanted to return to his own high school as an alumni because he wanted to give back to a program that made a difference in his own life. Returning as an intern also gave him a chance to gain firsthand experience with coaching. His role at Bishop McDevitt High School was as a strength and conditioning coach for football players which gave him an opportunity to apply his knowledge on both physical and mental training in the real world. Thomas’s main goal was to make the team stronger in all aspects. He focused on bringing them together in order to help them become the most dedicated team, while improving their physical strength.

Skills Utilized

Thomas greatly improved his coaching skills by working with the players every day. He also utilized his ability to communicate to an entire group of people. An important aspect of his internship was to motivate the team, so he had to perfect the way he encouraged them to work hard.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

The head lifting coach was a positive influence during Thomas’s internship because he spent a lot of time learning from him. Specifically, he guided Thomas to work independently since all of the coaches play by their own rules.

Future Implications

Thomas is fully confident moving forward into this career path now. His internship confirmed his passions.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

Many of the coaches have been employed at Bishop McDevitt since Thomas went there as a student. He loved returning as an intern because he was on an equal level with the coaches. As a former student, he can remember calling them “Sir,” and now enjoyed being on a first name basis with them throughout his internship.


“Find something fun to do. The more you enjoy your time the better the overall experience will be.”