Keep the Promise

The Journeying Scholar


Joseph Makuc ’19


A native of Monterey, Mass., Joseph Makuc traveled more than 350 miles to attend Ursinus College. His educational journey brought him across several state lines to Collegeville, Pa., which felt worlds apart from what he had previously known. However, looking back, he still feels confident that his decision to come to Ursinus was the right one.


“I first heard of Ursinus through a college search engine activity in high school, when I was looking for small colleges in non-urban settings. What made me choose Ursinus, however, was its unique academic rigor and polished literary magazine, The Lantern,” says Makuc, a third-year English and History double major.

Thus far, Makuc’s experience at the college has exceeded his hopes and expectations, with the most meaningful component being the academics. He has felt challenged by the difficulty of his coursework, but encouraged as well by his teachers who are deeply devoted to seeing him and his peers grow, learn and thrive. “Ursinus’s professors are both knowledgeable and pedagogical, and the students are curious and motivated. The academic environment is equal parts support and challenge.”

Eager to take advantage of every opportunity available to him at Ursinus, Makuc has immersed himself in numerous extracurriculars. He writes and edits for The Lantern, and became president of the Magic Club and Program Coordinator for the Gaming and Technology House. He credits the breadth of his involvement with helping him to refine his skillset and gain new perspectives about our world.

Makuc is also engaged in an abundance of activities beyond Ursinus and within the general community. He is an intern for the Berkshire Oral History Center, a contributor to The Monterey News and a volunteer at his local public library. These additional learning opportunities have allowed him to apply the knowledge he gains at the college within real-world settings, helping to better prepare him for his future.

Now, more than halfway through his undergraduate experience, Makuc is grateful for the education he has received so far. He credits Ursinus’s generous financial aid program and scholarship funding with making it possible for him to seize the chance to come to the college. “Scholarship support has enabled me to publish poetry, research Islamic historiography, learn Javascript and argue for the existence of free will. Scholarships have made me who I am today.”

After completing his studies, Makuc plans to work in the developing digital humanities field, preferably in museum or archival work, and fully intends to publish his writings. He is poised to take the next step in his journey and acknowledges the academic encouragement he has received along the way. He says, “Every day I am gaining more confidence in my abilities, and learning important skills for my future.”

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Winter 2018